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An Open Letter to Marshall McLuhan

It’s been quite some time since we’ve last heard from you and a lot has changed. I know this isn’t what you wanted; I think everyone feels that way from time to time. The world is moving faster, just like you predicted – even the children can’t keep up. People don’t speak the same language from mother to son. In pursuit of the technological edge we are, like lemmings, throwing ourselves into the water but instead learning to swim. It’s alright Marshall, it might be scary to see so much change, even if you do know how it will all turn out. The family is fractured, but we’ve still got tribes, ones who understand us, even when no one else does. Only people caught in the same textual whirlpool, opening at random and swallowing up those who hold on too tight to the heavy objects. You can age a lifetime in a moment if you become obsolete. Retirement isn’t so bad, just float on the water for a while and ride any stream – there is still time left before being left completely in the dark. Marshall, you helped people understand what is happening to their bodies, an entire culture going through puberty, listening to our voices change. As children we discovered we have our own identities even if we all acted like spoiled four-year-olds, demanding constant attention. But we are growing up and realizing that we are not alone, so don’t worry Marshall, everything will be okay.


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Another Work by Lawrence Weiner


I’ve been working on an installation lately that meets this criterion.

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Exercise #18

Consider this problem: Is it possible to recognize a person by the sounds they make? Can you identify friends simply by the tempo of their walk, the sounds of their shoes or clothing? Everyone close their eyes and have someone walk in front of the group. Even if the identity can’t be revealed completely, can you at least tell the sex and relative weight and height of the walker, or when they walk near you can you tell the material of their clothing? Are they wearing jewellery or other objects producing giveaway sounds? Supposing they say something like, ‘I am the mystery person,’ can you now identify them? Try this exercise with various individuals, chosen, of course, after everyone’s eyes are closed.

-R. Murray Schafer

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U B U W E B – Film & Video: Dan Graham “Rock My Religion”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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A Work by Lawrence Weiner


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Found and Lost

I’ve been working on a new project lately, putting up lost posters around the city in locations where I have picked up found objects while walking. I’ve taken the objects into my studio space and photographed them for the posters. At this point they wait in transit before being claimed. Now all I need is a phone call or an email…

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U B U W E B – Film & Video: The Kitchen Presents Two Moon July – Laurie Anderson

Vodpod videos no longer available.

“Difficult Listening Hour” from The kitchen Presents Two Moons July

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I am going to ask you to keep a Sound Diary while you do the remainder of these exercises. I’d like you to write something everyday – notes on unusual sounds heard, your reactions to the, general thoughts on the acoustic environment, anything you consider significant.

Of Course the diary is for your own benefit and need not be shared with others, but it could be interesting to have portions of diaries read out loud to the entire group for discussion, and sometimes I even have people exchange diaries for a few days to experience how different our reactions to sounds can be.

-R. Murray Schafer

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Snow Removal Project

Here is another small project I worked on. I scouted out empty urban lots, ones with seemingly no function. Then I went to these lots and spent some time shoveling them. It was interesting talking to people in the neighborhood and listening to their reactions.

Site 1:

Site 2:

Site 3:

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This and That

This is a little work I did outside of an entrance to an apartment building. It’s a subtle intervention in the urban garden landscape. Modeling glue with accelerator works wonders.



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